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This is going to be a ‘how to’ page






·        Go to “My Documents”

·          To do this..minimize all the windows until you see your desktop.  This is the desktop (a pic of my desktop)  

now double-click on the My Documents folder…(you can see mine in upper left)……..


Now you’re My Documents folder is open. (like below) We will make another folder inside of My Documents to save your clipart into  

·        Click on “file” in upper-left

·        Then click “new”

·        Then  “folder”


·        A new folder will appear—probably at the bottom of the window.  It will be highlighted so you can “name” the folder. 


·         where it says newfolder2     Just type in the name you want!  "clipart” maybe or “My Clipart”…something you’ll remember

·        Now click on any open area of the window…you have a new folder for clipart!


This is where you’ll “save” all the clipart you’ll be getting from online!

OKAY…NOW… Lets see if you can ‘save’ a clipart…here’s one! Lets try it!


here’s a clipart you will “save”  


·        Right-click on the picture

·        On the ‘menu’ click “save picture as..”

·        A little window will open this  

·         this is you’re My Documents folder.(.it says so in the top box)

DONE!  Now you have a clipart in your folder.


Wanna be sure its there?

·        Go back and open My Documents

·        Find your clipart folder and double-click to open it

·        Your cokebear   clipart should be there

           Just double-click on it and it will appear!


You can ‘save’ just about ANY pictures you see ANYWHERE online

·        JUST RIGHT-CLICK ON THEM AND SELECT ‘save picture as”

·         when the window opens..

·        find your folder

·         and when your folder opens

·        (rename the picture if you want to)

·        then click ‘save’ button 


Now here’s another tip…

If you can’t find your folder(oh no!)  don’t panic!

..when you have right-clicked on a clipart and the new window came up but its not the My Documents (which is where your clipart folder is.)  .and you need to get to MY this  


click on the arrow in the “Save in” box at the top

A drop down menu will appear (like above)  



 This was one of the first things I ever really learned after doing email!  I spent countless hours going to clipart sites and saving clipart from them.

Its nice to be able to have them to use anywhere…even email!  

I'll teach you about that later.....!


Here is a link to some great clipart!