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My Family & Friends & stuff!





The "Dan" Section:

My son, Dan, Is a college graduate and a  firefighter...these pages are about  that!

Visit his Website

Be sure to see the "Great Photos!" too!




* In Memorium*

..To those I've lost ....You are missed.




Other Stuff

Dan's College graduation and our Vacation to WI for that in May 2000.

The website I made for my sister, Pat!

The Missouri Gang--Relatives  on my Mom's side!

Photos of Lance's Family

A live Web Cam of Pensacola Beach Florida...I live near there.

DEB'S, SITE!  My BEST internet friend!   I've known her 4+ years and have never met her face-to-face but  just doesn't seem to matter... We know each other so well!

Many times we've wished we lived next door to each other though!!  Right Deb!

Visit her site...she's VERY  talented ..lots of stationary & holiday graphics too



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