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Our Dad

Our dad was many things...

He served in the AIR FORCE....

He was a plumber by trade

....and he fed and clothed 5 kids doing that!

He was interested in Harley Motorcyles,
as you may notice from the first page!
He built a few cycles
and trailers
in his day!
he built a trike once..

....with his own two hands and his trusty

I think he moved to Georgia
so he could 'ride' year-round!

He was a member of Abate of Georgia

and served as the treasurer for his chapter

he sure liked to bitch & moan about that job...

but I think he really did enjoy it!

......of course....he had a dog!


he had a few dogs....

but I think Buster was his favorite.

Daytona Oct'92

I will be adding more to this site in the future

so please check back once in a while!

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